In 2007, the Gower Community Band established a program for the encouragement , development, and performance of new Concert Band compositions in Newfoundland and Labrador. The initiative includes the awarding of annual Composition Prizes in conjunction with Memorial University’s School of Music, and provides the opportunity for dynamic “Composers’ Workshops” with band musicians, and performance of their music to audiences in the province and beyond.

The TNP Awards provide a total of $1,500 annually, awarded in commensurate amounts at the discretion of the judges, available as follows: $1,000 for the category of “Original Works”, and $500 from the GCB’s Jack Green Memorial Fund for the category of “Arrangements”. Works chosen are performed in special GCB Fall Gala Concerts known as the “Terra Nova” Concerts. This designation carries the connotation of “new lands” for exploration of musical style, form, and creative talent.

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terra nova program