The Gower Community Band is pleased to announce the following award of scholarships for 2019:

        Anthea Bonnell Memorial Fund :   Liam Robbins and Crystal Soper

         Ina V. Winsor Memorial Fund:   Jonathan Babin 

        Awards from the GCB Terra Nova Program Composition Competition at Memorial University’s School of Music have also                been  made to the following young composers whose  prize-winning works will be premiered in October 2019 at the annual                  GCB Terra Nova Gala Concert:

  • 1st Award: Kurtis Rogers (Along The Monchy Fields)
  • 2nd Award: Patrick d’Eon (The Newfie Bullet)
  • 3rd Award: Austin Meisel (A Hesitant Venture)

These scholarships and awards, along with the endowed Gower Youth Band Legacy Scholarship at MUN Music, totaling $6,000 for 2019, are one of the main pillars of GCB outreach. We wish all recipients every success in their advanced education studies!  

GCB Announces 2019 scholarships