The Gower Community Band always welcomes new members.

It is an opportunity for musical development, fellowship and fun while serving our community in a very meaningful way. It has proven to be an ideal activity for musicians who have moved to NL to work, students who have come to St. John’s to attend Memorial University, and all those who have ever played in a school band, community band, or church band who would like to dust off their instruments and renew the joy and unique camaraderie of “banding”.

There are only two qualifications for membership:  Love of music, and commitment to community service.

Age limit: 9 to 99!

Instrumental experience is expected, but all skill levels are welcome. Some instruments are available for loan where necessary.

For young students, scholarships are available for professional tuition and entrance to university.

There are no membership fees, instrument rental fees, or music purchases.

Interested?  We would love to hear from you and welcome you to the Band! Please contact us with your information, instrument of choice, and experience level. 

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