about the band

The Gower Community Band (GCB), a non-denominational community service outreach initiative of Gower Street United Church, is an open concert band program. It is proud of its distinguished heritage of music education and community service dating back to the founding of the Gower Youth Band in 1973.

Membership  is open to musicians of all ages who have a love of band music and enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of developing musical skills along with a sincere commitment to community service. The GCB meets every Wednesday evening from 8:00 to 9:30 in the Memorial building of the Gower Church complex. New members are welcomed with enthusiasm!

The program has been especially appreciated by those who move to the St. John's area through career transfers or post-secondary education and look for an opportunity to participate in expanded community performance, and for adults who have played in school or university bands and continue playing and learning after graduation.  There are no membership fees.

The Band performs from 12-15 times every year, some of which are small ensemble performances so that every member does not have to attend every performance.  A special focus is the GCB Seniors' Shows program to serve the needs of the rapidly expanding seniors' segment of the community, providing an ongoing performance program at Senior's Homes of regularly-scheduled popular "concerts for people who can't get out to concerts".

The Band also has a strong commitment to music education, and maintains annual scholarship programs both internally and at Memorial University for promising young musicians in performance, teaching, and composition.

The Gower Community Band makes itself freely available to the community for benefit concerts and entertainment for institutions and service organizations.   

Contact Us if you are interested in joining.