Gower Community Band "Terra Nova" Program
​Awards for New Concert Band Compositions

(April 30th, 2020 Submission Deadline)

April 2020 Update: 

The deadline for submissions to the 2020 Gower Community Band (GCB) Terra Nova Program (TNP) is Thursday, April 30th. In previous years students have been asked to drop printed copies of their scores at the MUN School of Music main office where they have been picked up by a representative of the GCB. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic this is unfeasible. Students are therefore asked to email their submissions to the GCB. Maintaining composer anonymity for the adjudication process is crucial to this program, so the following steps must be followed carefully.

  1. Students who have used music publishing programs should export their score as a pdf. Students with handwritten scores are asked to scan their scores as pdf files (those without access to a scanner will find apps that do a good job of scanning with your phone camera and saving as a pdf file). THE PDF FILE CANNOT CONTAIN YOUR NAME either in the image or in the file name.
  2. Students who have used music publishing software should export an audio file (preferably mp3). Students with handwritten scores can ignore this step as there is no penalty for not including audio.
  3. Email your scores and audio files to the GCB General Manager Dave Robbins (davidarthurrobbins@gmail.com). In the body of your email please give your name and contact information.

To maintain composer anonymity, Mr. Robbins will send the adjudicators a new email with the submitted scores and audio files attached. This means we will not see your names from your email to him and we will not see your email addresses either.

All other rules and guidelines remain the same.


PDF version of the guidelines below (updated January 22, 2020)

In 2007, the Gower Community Band (GCB) established a program in conjunction with the Memorial University’s School of Music for the encouragement, development, and performance of new Concert Band Compositions in Newfoundland and Labrador. The initiative includes the awarding of annual Composition Prizes, and provides the opportunity for performance to audiences in the Province and beyond. The GCB will encourage other bands to include these new works in their repertoire, with potential compensation to composers and opportunities for further exposure. In this respect, it is important that compositional creativity be expressed within the performance levels and instrumentation of average community or high school bands (i.e., grades 3-4). 

Any student enrolled at the School of Music for 2019-2020, including graduating students, may submit work.

Minimum five (5) minutes duration, written for standard high school or community band, e.g. grades 3-4. Works must have been written in the last two years, and must not have had a public performance. The Gower Community Band retains the right of first performance for award-winning entries, but thereafter performance by other groups, recording, and publication is encouraged. Composers may retain proprietary ownership of their works.   

A total of $2,000 annually, available as follows: $1,500 for the category of Original Works, and $500 for the category of Arrangements, may be awarded in commensurate amounts at the discretion of the judges. Works chosen are performed in special GCB Gala Concerts known as “The GCB Terra Nova Concerts”. This designation carries the connotation of “new lands” for exploration of musical style, form, and creative talent within the limits of performance level and instrumentation as specified.


  • Flutes (div. in 2 or 3 parts; piccolo* optional )
  • Clarinets (div. in 2 or 3 parts); bass clarinet*
  • Oboes* (1 or 2 parts)
  • Saxophones:  Alto (div. in 2 parts), Tenor, Baritone* (Soprano* optional)
  • Bassoons* (1 or 2 parts)
  • Trumpets/cornets (div. in 2 or 3 parts)
  • Horns (div. in 2, 3, or 4 parts)*
  • Trombones (div. in 2 or 3 parts)
  • Euphoniums (Bass Clef, transposed part for Treble Clef. must also be provided)
  • Tubas
  • Electric Bass (transposition  of Tuba)
  • Percussion (at least 4 parts recommended, including mallet instruments)
  • NOTE: Solos written for instruments marked (*) should be cross-cued in other instruments.

By entering the competition, composers agree to abide by the following submission criteria and guidelines:

Submission Criteria
Scores are to be submitted to the main office at the School of Music on or before April 6, 2020, in an envelope without the composer’s name, marked "GCB Terra Nova Program". Four bound copies of the score are to be included, bearing no composer’s name and no other markings that show the composer’s identity (work titles are required). A sealed envelope containing the title of the work, the composer’s name, and the composer’s contact information (email and phone) is to be included in the submission envelope. Computer-generated recordings are encouraged, but are not required. Program Notes are required, and Notes to the Conductor are encouraged.

It is expected that the Director and Associate Director of the Gower Community Band will be in contact with the winning composers throughout the rehearsal of their works as a vital element of the learning process for the composers and the rehearsal process for the Band. Past award winners have found this direct interface with musicians to be very helpful.


  1. Composers are advised to check practical instrument ranges (as opposed to absolute instrumental ranges) very carefully in order to remain in the "standard high school or community band" specification. Notes in the extreme high or low range of any instrument should be avoided. Likewise, composers should consider the typical high school or community band levels (grades 3-4) carefully when deciding on the complexity of time signatures, key signatures, and rhythmic patterns. Publishers’ grading and festival syllabi would be helpful aids.
  2. In determining winning submissions, adjudicators will focus primarily on artistic integrity and creativity of the works, but composers should be aware that errors in instrumentation, range, transposition, rhythmic patterns, scoring, or significantly exceeding the grades 3-4 standard will be considered and could result in disqualification. Identification of the composer, whether intentional or not,  will result in automatic disqualification.
  3. Composers should ensure that adequate phrasing, dynamics, and articulation marks are provided to enable the correct interpretation of their works.
  4. Scores must be submitted with each part transposed appropriately.
  5. Winning composers will be asked to use a computer program to submit Finale-compatible files to the Gower Community Band. These files will be archived in the GCB computer resources for potential future GCB performance of unpublished works only, with the permission of the composers.

Winners will be contacted on or before April 24, 2020, and will need to provide a full, proofread set of parts and program notes to the GCB on or before May 4, 2020. The premiere performance will take place during autumn 2020, with the exact date to be determined by the GCB. Winning composers are expected to attend a rehearsal of their works in advance of that date as invited by the GCB, and to be present for the concert and as Guests of Honour at the reception which follows.  

2020 Terra Nova Program Guidelines